Treasury Dealings

Our Treasury Department is designed to meet your local and foreign currency needs globally. We have a wide international correspondent bank network to ensure timely settlement of clients’ payments. We have partnered with international money transfer firms to ensure efficient transfer of funds globally. With a flexible and vastly experienced team of dealers at your service, we offer a wide range of services aimed at deriving value for your money. Our dealers are readily accessible through various medium. We offer competitive rates that guarantee you value for your money through both foreign currency conversions and term deposits.

Treasury engages organizations in meeting foreign currencies needs
as and when they arise.
Our Forex rates are very competitive and our team is available for
negotiations throughout the day.
Where an organization does not hold an account with us, we don’t
charge an additional commission for the service.

Through our wide spread Global correspondent banking relationship
we are able to receive and remit funds to all non-sanctioned countries
in the world.
We are very flexible in interbank transfers both Forex transactions
and same currency transfers

Our Treasury is flexible in terms of ensuring advisory services
is offered even to non-accounts holders just to ensure, derive
and enjoy the maximum value possible out of our partnership.

We deal with most of the world major currencies and have the capacity
and ability to convert them to the currency of your choice competitively
NOK as and when you need it .etc.

  1. Negotiable exchange rates
  2. Strong International correspondent banks
  3. Quick turn-around processing for International transactions
  4. Deal with 5 major currencies i.e. USD, UGX,KES,EURO and GBP
  5. Settlements done fast for both potential and current customers
  6. Nationwide presence in South Sudan
  7. Forex transactions for both potential and current customers
  8. Banking for a number of NGOs in South Sudan