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    Trade Finance

    We Offer Comprehensive Trade Finance Services.

    Trade Finance


    With Co-op Bank’s trade finance products importers and exporters can conduct international transactions that facilitate movement of goods and services from one point to another, both locally and internationally as well as mitigating risks inherent in trade.


      Issued by the Bank at the request of the applicant (importer/applicant) and the Bank gives an irrevocable undertaking to pay the beneficiary/exporter for the goods or services.


      • Payment is guaranteed by both the issuing bank and the confirming bank as long as compliant documents are presented.
      • Mitigate the buyer/country risks
      • Ensure delivery is done within schedule.

      A written irrevocable undertaking from the Bank to pay the seller if the buyer defaults on his obligations.

      Some of the Bank guarantees include the following: –

      1. Bid/Tender Bonds
      2. Performance Bonds
      3. Advance Payment Guarantees
      4. Payment Guarantees
      5. Credit Guarantees


      • Provides security for performance
      • Reduce risk
      • Give assurance of the serious intent and business standing of the party whose obligations are underwritten.

      With Co-op Banks Invoice Discounting, you can withdraw money against sales invoices before payments are done. This is available to various prequalified procuring entities like UNMISS, UNDP, UNMAS, UNIFSA, WFP etc.


      • This makes available 70-80% of the invoice value as soon as it has been raised and the remainder is made available when the customer pays.
      • Enables you to unlock your business’ working capital and cash flow that would be obtained after a period of time depending on the terms of payment e.g. 30 – 45 days after invoicing.

      LPO Financing is a form of short term financing designed for suppliers whereby funds are advanced against Local purchase orders that suppliers will have received to supply certain goods or services.


      • Provides working capital to execute the contract
      • Faster/Timely execution of the contract as a result of the access to funds.

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