Life Assurance

Co-operative Bank has partnered with CIC Insurance to provide insurance services to South Sudanese across the country. We therefore provide a one-stop shop for both banking and Insurance services.

Life Assurance Products

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Credit Life Insurance

This covers all loan balances in the event of death / total permanent disability of a group or society member who is aged between 18 and 75.

Group Life Assurance

Group Life Assurance Scheme provides for a lump sum to be paid in the event of the death of a member of the scheme provided he/she is still in the service of the employer or scheme holder. This cover enables the employer/scheme holder to alleviate the financial distress that might befall the dependents of an insured member upon his/her death.

Group Mortgage

This product is designed for institutions offering long-term loans (mortgages) for purchase of property (houses, cars, land).

Group Funeral Expenses

This policy covers burial expenses. A benefit of a specified sum assured per member.

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