General Insurance

Co-operative Bank has partnered with CIC Insurance to provide insurance services to South Sudanese across the country. We therefore provide a one-stop shop for both banking and Insurance services.

General Insurance Products

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Fire Industrial

This policy covers the risks of fire, lightning and explosion as a result of bursting of domestic gas cylinders. The policy can be enhanced to cover additional perils such as earthquake, malicious damage, floods, riots and strike, bush fire and similar perils.

All Risks

This policy covers loss or damage (except as excluded in the policy) to specified items of personal or delicate nature. It includes items such as watches, cameras, computers, calculators, microscopes, typewriters, medical equipment, video cameras, jewellery, television sets, radios, iPods, iPads and mobile phones.

Motor Insurance

This policy covers risks ranging from Third Party Risks to comprehensive risks. It provides cover : For loss or damage to the motor vehicle as a result of fire, accident or theft, against legal liabilities to third parties arising from loss or damage to property as well as third party injuries or death.

Contractors All Risks

This policy is arranged by either the principal owner of the project or the contractor. It covers: Contract Works, Construction Plant and Equipment, Construction Machinery, Third Party Liability and Surrounding Property.

Fidelity Guarantee

This policy covers loss of stores, stocks and/or money by any act of fraud or dishonesty by any insured employee during the policy period of guarantee.

CIC Travel Insurance

This policy covers persons who travel abroad from time to time and wish to insure themselves against accidents and loss or damage to their properties in the course of travel.

Domestic Package

This is an attractive comprehensive package for homeowners and occupiers which provides policy holders the benefit of six policies in a single package. It covers buildings, household contents, moveable and personal items, domestic servants, owner’s liability and occupier’s liability.

Goods in Transit Risks

This policy covers loss of or damage to goods while in transit either by rail or road.

Machinery Breakdown

This policy covers all types of machinery plants, mechanical equipment and apparatus for faulty design and operation tearing due to centrifugal force.

Erection All Risks

This policy covers persons who assume a risk due to the erection of a project.

Public Liability

This policy covers the property owner from legal liability claims which arise out of negligence. Such claims may be in respect of: Bodily injury or accidental death., Loss or damage to property, Legal expenses incurred with the written consent of the insurer.

Group Personal Accident

This policy provides monetary payments in the event of bodily injury sustained by the insured. The injury must be caused by violent, accidental, external and visible means subject to the insured limits.

Consequential Loss

The policy covers loss of profits as a result of fire.


This policy provides cover for goods while in transit either by sea or air up to the warehouse.

Machinery Breakdown Consequential loss

This policy covers actual loss of profits sustained as a result of business interruption caused by machinery breakdown.

Plate Glass

This policy covers accidental destruction or damage to all fixed glass, which includes windows, door glazing, fun lights and showcases, fixed mirrored glass and glazed partitions.

Workmen Injury Compensation Insurance

This policy covers claims for bodily injury and disease brought by employees as provided under the law.

Medical/health Insurance

This policy takes care of hospital bills for both in-patient and out-patient hospitalization. It also covers dental, optical and maternity bills and can be extended to cover emergency medical evacuation.


This policy covers loss or damage following the actual forcible and violent breaking into or out of the premises or any attempted threat.

Professional Indemnity

This policy covers professionals against third party claims in case of negligence in the course of their professional duties

Electronic Equipment

The policy covers material damage for many types of low and medium power electrical plants for both material damage and loss of information suffered by external data media used in computing facilities.

Cash in Transit Risk (Money)

The policy covers loss of money (or theft by third parties who are not employees) as specified either while in transit or premises during or out of business hours. It also covers damage to safes and /or strong rooms.

Employer's Liability Common law

This policy covers the employer against legal liability under common law for damages and claimants’ costs related to bodily injury by accident or disease and directly related to negligence or breach of common law.

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