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    Co-operatives banking has identified Co-operatives development support programs for societies with the goal of empowering marginalised communities economically.


      We offer a variety of services that include;

      • Formation of Co-operatives Movements/Sacco’s where members leverage on their small sums and participate in large investments from the pooled assets.
      • Training of the society members across Co-operative sectors.
      • Embrace a savings culture, investments, entrepreneurial and diversification.
      • Providing innovative services and products to Co-operative across the country.
      • Registration is easy.

      Visit our nearest branch or reach out to your Relationship Manager for more details


      Co-op consultancy and insurance agency ltd (C.C.I.A) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Co-operative bank of South Sudan LTD incorporated to provide capacity building to co-operatives, pre-co-operatives, associations and other self-help groups to enhance social-economic development of the people through wealth creation.

      farmers and Co-operatives. Capacity building services offered include.

      • Financial literacy, basic accounting and cultivating the culture of savings and credit
      • Formation of primary Co-operatives
      • Short term courses for Co-operative leaders
      • Development of corporate governance tools
      • Risk management
      • Strategic plans
      • Developing business plans and feasibility studies
      • Governance and leadership development support services

      Our cash transfer model is purely on reimbursement basis for blue print international NGOs.

      The quoted price will depend on some of the following factors:

      • The amount to be transferred.
      • The currency transferred (SSP or USD)
      • The Reimbursement currency e.g. SSP reimbursed in USD or SSP reimbursed in SSP.
      • Mode of cash transfer e.g. cash drop or mass payments to a number of beneficiaries;
      • Logistics costs among other factors.

      Benefits of CIT Process

      • Same day delivery
      • Negotiable pricing model
      • Open to both account and non-account holders
      • Covers all parts of South Sudan
      • Availability of biometric system hence ease of accountability and reporting

      NB: This service is available to existing and non-existing customers.

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