Salary Account

An account designed to make it easier for salaried customers access their salaries as they enjoy a wide range of banking services that meets their needs

Get your salary straight into your account

Our Salary Account allows our customers to receive their salaries straight from their employers into their accounts.
You can access your money through our counters or through our ATMs.
You have the option of opening the account either in the local currency (SSP) or in foreign currency (GBP, EURO,USD, e.t.c)

  • Instant salary processing
  • Guaranteed funds Security
  • Quick access to funds through our 24hours ATMs
  • Eligible for soft salary loans (Flexi in 1,3 &12 months)
  • Salaries are credited into the account directly by the employer
  • Availability of funds transfer services for customers with financial needs abroad
  • Enables salaried customers to access their funds easily and cheaply through their bank accounts

Open a Salary Account today!

  • Original and copy of national identification card (for nationals)
  • Original and copy of the passport with a valid visa for non-nationals)
  • One colored passport size photo (can also be taken from the branch)

Open a Salary Account today!

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