Investment Account

An account that suits your investing objectives and money management needs

Take the opportunity to invest your funds for short, medium or long terms at competitive Interest rates.

Investment Account gives corporates/ organizations an opportunity to invest funds that are waiting further utilization at a negotiable competitive interest rate.

You get an investment opportunity through our premium interest earning fixed and call accounts which provide the fund with avenues for short, medium and long-term investments.

Funds will be placed in staggered tenors that are in line with the cash flow projections and budgetary schedules i.e. on call, (funds are available within 24-hrs notice); 1 month 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months tenors-(where funds will be available at maturity or 7 days’ notice).

NB: Please note that funds may be invested prior to opening any other accounts

  • Certificate of deposit issued
  • Interest can be paid on agreed residual balances at negotiated rates
  • Funds available on maturity
  • Confirmation of amount and interest expected at the end of investment period
  • Extra income to your Pension Fund
  • Liquidity available at maturity
  • Helps for prudent management of funds.

Open an Investment Account today!

Open an Investment Account today!

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