Corporate Current Account

An easy and comfortable banking environment for your business

Get the convenience of transacting using cheques. Open in SSP or the desired foreign currency

Corporate Current account gives you flexible of free limits. It also gives you the convenience of using cheques to transact.
The account can be opened and operated in SSP or the desired foreign currency e.g USD, Euro, GBP e.t.c.

  • Cheque book issued.
  • Funds available at all times
  • Exclusive counter for Executive Banking
  • Transaction details captured in the statements as per customer requirement
  • Free Scheduled statements issued as per customer preferred frequency, e.g. Daily, Weekly & monthly.
  • Quick and convenient banking environment
  • Liquidity available at zero time and no notice is required to access the funds
  • Convenient payments to beneficiaries, service providers and other suppliers.
  • Timely and convenient access to account details; enhances frequent account reconciliations, budget monitoring and cash managements.
  • Easy and timely reconciliations enabled by the detailed transactions for effective and efficient financial management.
  • Coloured passport photos
  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • Copy and original tax identification number
  • Valid copy and original certificate of incorporation
  • Copy and original certificate of membership of chamber of commerce
  • Copy and original nationality certificate/valid passport for the signatories.
  • AGM minutes authorizing opening of account (for co-operative societies)
  • Power of attorney for an account where applicant is sole signatory to a company
  • Board resolution on a company’s letter head detailing account to be opened currency, signing instructions, number and names of signatories.
  • Copy and original copy of constitution or by laws (applicable for NGOs, Churches, CBOs, schools, colleges, universities, societies)

Open a Corporate Current Account today!

Open a Corporate Current Account today!

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